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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

After understanding and register being the member, you can use all services we provide.

Follow member rules and law

When members using the services means you are not only agree servce conditions, but also agree the conditions from our company (including all the game rules, ball games betting rules, notices and precautions...), and law related limitation, all products from company also Customer Service, software system, internet strcture, ect related business stuff are all vertify by Philippines amusement and betting institution.

Service Introduction

The company means to create a "safty", "immediate convininent", "fair and just", "professional running" nice amusement service platform. Emphasizing players an unlimitited space, join in a just game anytime 24 hours, can also enjoy playing with players from around the world. "players are first " is our attitude to follow, innovation and knwoing players need is our managing concept we pround of, hoping to create a new amusement value and being universal, become a leader on amusement website.

The company provides platform of payment online, the points you buy can enjoy all the service on company platform. If you buy points by unjust way, company can stop your membership and rights on the platform services anytime.

Real log in duty

Base on company services, you agree items that appear when you register for the membership, log in with real, accurate, and complete personal information. If your information changes, please change immediately to maintain the correct, real, and complete infromation.

If you log in with fake infromation or use other people's names that infringe other people's rights, you should stand the legal liability and agree if your infromation changes but you didn't change it immediately that make the imformation not real, the company has the rights to stop your membership and all the company services.

Stop service or change

• Member log in fake information.

• Use other people's name to apply our service.

• Violate game justice rule.

• When join the games, find system errors or use game weakness to effect results on purpose.

• Violate this service conditions.

• The company does not allow unjust betting way, double betting, ways that without risks.If find out the players that play with those ways above, the company has the right to stop the member rights. If there is any dispute, the company has the final right to decide.

• No matter what situation that stop or change service or stop mamber accounts which might cause damage, inconvinient, trouble, this service won't have any duty to any members or the third person.

Service stop or intrrupt

This company can stop or intrrupt this service or all service by any following situations, and no any compensation responsibity for the players.

• When the related system are moving, changing, or maintaining.

• Can't blame the company for the service stop or intrrupt.

• For the reasons that can't control to cause the servie stop or intrrupt.

If the company movig, change, or maintain the related system that have to stop or intrrupt parts of or the all service, the company will send the emails or notice on the website before it happens.

The company does not allow unjust betting way, double betting, ways that without risks.If find out the players that play with those ways above, the company has the right to stop the member rights. If there is any dispute, the company has the final right to decide.

About the service stop or intrruption that might cause your inconvinient, information lose or damages on economic or time. You should apply some protections to protect your rights.

Keeping duty.

Members have the duty to keep the accounts and passwords on the website, and take the responsibility to all the actions after logging in the set of the account and password.

To protect the member rights, don't leak, give, lend, or transfer for other people to use.

Agree all the sports games and games rules.

To avoid users that have disputes on the betting games, there are detailed conditions for the all rules on any games, please read the service and the rules clearly.

When the members start using this service, means you have already accpeted all the rules.

Member rules of adding and changing.

If the service conditions are adding or changing, you agree that it valids when it notices on the website, the website won't notice individually.

If you use the service after notice means you agree this condition that is changed.

Member Policy

We devoted to protect the member privacy and provide the safest game platform, the information we collect on the website will provide you the greatest service, we won't sale or rent out your information for the third person.

The information that customers provide are all encrypted by SSL128 and save in the safe, non-public system. Partners that have the opprotunuty to deal with the member personal information have to follow our provicy rules.

Terms and Conditions

Most of the region or country haven't have the clear legality on onine betting, even some regions or countries say that the online betting are illegal. We have no desire to invite any of that countries to use our service.

Users have to make sure that wheather it's legal for online betting in your region or country, and take the all responsibility. The members should follow the local law, if there is violation, the company has no duty.